Rotary Pump & Oil Can


Most popularly used pump worldwide. The TOPSTAR version of the Rotary Pump is superior to any other with features such as Dual Directional Operation which allows the pump to both empty, as well as refill containers. Extremely Heavy Duty & rugged weighing 6.6 kgs (14.5 lbs) Pump body is sturdy cast iron with precisely machined cast iron vanes for better draw & smoother delivery Fits 15 gallons (50 litre) to 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels Comes complete with suction tube, 2” cast iron bung nut & discharge spout


Steel, Cast Iron, NBR/Viton


For dispensing Diesel, Kerosene, Heating Oils , Motor Oils, Lubricating Oils (upto SAE 90), and other non-corrosive media All steel construction, with the body seamless drawn from tin coated sheet in premium powder coated finish. Metal pump has 2 ball valves for large volume delivery per stroke. The suction valve at the bottom of pump is without spring, which prevents malfunctioning because of sticking R valve due to resinous oil.